Tuesday, 8 February 2011


This image above is based on 'Identity', the colour has been done with Brusho and it incorporates various things that relate to my own Identity.


Based on my culture study of China these were first done with inks and the backgrounds added manually, I used Photoshop with these just to touch them up and enhance them a bit. This is all I tend to use Photoshop for.


A basic composition made up of various influences from photographs i had taken in the China Town area of Manchester.


Sketchbook page on Chinese culture, I chose to base my work on the Terracotta Warriors found in China so things like this sketch weren't supposed to look life like.


A 3D piece for my surroundings project, didnt turn out how i had hope but im still happy with it, the idea was originally taken from an A1 sketch of a feather which is also on my blog.


Branching off for something else while cutting out stencils for screen prints.